America's Birthday

by Michael Jenet 3 July 2012 09:56

Tomorrow is America’s Birthday!


As I pause and reflect on this amazing country we live in, it’s difficult at times to see the beauty amidst all the onslaught of information coming our way.  The news with its non-stop reporting cycle about the fires in our State or flooding in another.  The instant communication from across the street to across the world via technology that allows us to connect with those far away yet stay disconnected in a real sense from those next door.  As the presidential election grows nearer so does the volume and number of barbs and jabs from one side to the other; not only by the candidates but by scores of people on Facebook and Twitter, Pintrest and email letters.


We watch as countries protest their elections or leaders, taking to the streets to argue and fight, as yet other countries still struggle for equality amongst classes or cultures.

We are still a young country by many standards. To some we are an experiment. Yet we are still in many ways the greatest country on the planet.  Perfect? No.  But we never stop trying to get better, to do more, to help.


It doesn’t matter which side of the ‘issues’ you sit on, the very fact that you are allowed to be on one side or the other, to voice your concerns, to discuss and debate with your peers and friends, openly, without reprisal, this is just part of what makes us such a great country.  Regardless of your ideology, your theology, or your lack of either, you’re welcome here. We spend a great deal of our time looking at what’s broken, what we disagree with, what we grumble about in this country from politics and war, to religion and education, to gas prices and home prices; from the cost of this and the poor service in that.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t struggle with these things, my point is simply this.


Tomorrow is America’s Birthday.  For one day, just one, I challenge us all to reflect on all the great things about this country; to be grateful for all that we DO have and all that this country stands for; those things that come from good and honorable intentions to truly make life better for all who live here.  We’ll have plenty of time to complain again on Thursday, but tomorrow, as you spend your 4th of July in whatever way you choose, I ask you all to take a few moments and reflect on how fortunate we are to be living and working in this amazing experiment of freedom; pause for a moment and thank all those who make it possible:  And that includes not solely the Military, though certainly them, but all those who protect us (Firefighters, the police) and help us (doctors and hospitals) and serve us (politicians and educators) for no matter how we feel about what each of these groups, and so many more, they all contribute their part in making this country possible.


Happy Birthday America, may we all remember and celebrate the things that make this truly America The Beautiful.