Centennial Mental Health Center

by Kristy 28 August 2012 09:28

In my role at Signal, I get to interact with some great people and great provider agencies.  As the Provider of the Month for August, I have had the pleasure to learn a lot more about Centennial Mental Health Center (CMHC).  They offer a wide range of substance use disorder and mental health treatment services and they cover a very large area of northeastern Colorado. 


I love their mission.  It says…CMHC’s mission is to achieve excellence in the provision of behavioral health services that lead to optimal health and well-being.  They believe in the preservation of human dignity, self-respect and client rights. Clients are their highest priority and best served through collaboration. Centennial Mental Health Center is dedicated to maintaining communications with the public the serve and participating actively in our communities.


Here are some resources to learn more about CMHC.


Here is the list of CMHC services: http://www.centennialmhc.org/files/en/user/cms/CMHC_Services.pdf


They have 12 locations across the 10 NE Colorado counties.  Click here to see a list of their locations:  http://www.centennialmhc.org/files/en/user/cms/CMHC_Services.pdf


To see their Provider of the Month page, click here:




Huge thanks goes to CMHC for all the hard work they do for their community.  Signal is proud to have them part of our network!